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Fit Flights - 6 Pack

Cosmo Fit Flight is the innovative Flight and Shaft system that offers many advantages over traditional flights and shafts:

  • Flights push on to the shaft and snap into place.  This eliminates the need to slide the flight into the slots at the top of the shaft.
  • Virtually eliminates "robin-hooding" since the end of the shaft is not exposed.
  • Molded from a single piece of high quality resin, the Fit Flights retain their 90 degree angle and do not need flight protectors like typical flights. 
Fit Flights are available in a number of shapes:  Standard, Shape, Teardrop, Super Shape (SP Shape), Kite, Slim, Standard Mini, F-Shape, Rocket Inside, Super Kite and W-Shape.
Each shape is available in the following colors:  White, Black, Pink, Lite Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Natural.